About Me

I’m a Military veteran and a retired law enforcement officer. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in the uniform division and special investigative units such as Homicide/Robbery, Narcotics/Intelligence, and the Medical Examiner’s office. I’ve assisted in numerous joint investigations with…..other local and federal agencies such as FBI, DEA, and IRS. With over 25 years of serving and protecting the public, the experience taught me that helping people and their families have always been my passion.

As I look back at my career, I found it to be dangerous, challenging, exciting, and rewarding.  The expertise learned during those years was very valuable. I was trained to separate facts from fiction, make quick accurate decisions, and solve multiple problems at the same time.

My dedication has always been to help people and assist them in making the correct choices towards a permanent solution. It’s rewarding to know that the children I’ve counseled became responsible adults and grieving families have closure due to the arrest of a  violent suspect.

But the skills of dissecting and identifying evidence goes well beyond policing. It can be used to determine many things such as choosing the right schools, investments, companionship, and everyday products. I want people to visit our site looking for inspiration, answers, guidance to problems, and trust my ability to weigh the pros and cons of any products or services.

If you ever have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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Thank You,

Willie McCain (WMac)