Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women

I was in law enforcement for over 25 years and worked in different divisions and specialized units. I retired four years ago and took a break from anything that reminded me of policing. But don’t get me wrong, the career was exciting, dangerous and rewarding all at the same time.

Nevertheless, one of the things that were very important to the Police Department was the kind of handgun the Officers carried on duty. I remember starting out carrying a semi-automatic 9mm Beretta and then switching over to a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson and then Glock 22 handguns. These were good firearms and each weapon had its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the Beretta 9mm was the heaviest of them all with a longer barrel and a 15 round capacity magazine. The longer barrel was great because it allowed you to be more accurate at the range and had minimum recoil. However, the weight (34.2 oz) of this weapon was a nightmare for your waistline. It weighed the gun belt down causing you to walk with a limp and eventually causing severe back pain.

The Glock .40 caliber Smith & Wesson weighed approximately 22.9 oz. and had a shorter barrel than the Beretta 9mm. It had almost no recoil but a shorter barrel. It has superior stopping power with a (15) round capacity magazine. This weapon was really lightweight and still provided Officers with accurate targeting practice at the shooting range.

Then came the semi-automatic Glock 22. It became standard by 60-70% of law enforcement. This handgun is full size with proven stopping power. It can be loaded with the S&W .40 caliber round and it weighs approximately 22.9 ounces with a similar size barrel of the Glock .40 caliber.

As of now, I know you are asking yourself so why did the department change weapons? As usual, budget restraints, so when one gun company gives you a better overall price it’s time to play let’s make a deal.

The Best Handguns For Women

Well while working as a law enforcement officer women often asked, ” What is the best concealed handgun and do I need a permit?” This is a great question considering more women are purchasing handguns than ever before. So let’s see what (2) handguns I recommended then and now. But really some other handguns are just heavier and requires someone with a medium to larger size hand.

Normally, female hands are smaller than the typical male and you may not secure the pistol grip firmly during a shooting situation. After all, ladies I mean no disrespect because there are men with smaller hands than yours. However, my main point is you should feel comfortable and confident with the size of the handgun while practicing at the shooting range.

Then after purchasing your handgun, you must practice at the range enough to become proficient with hitting the target. And this is a must if you plan on carrying a concealed weapon. That’s because during a confrontation with an assailant you’re shooting average naturally decreases due to the adrenaline in your body. So let’s think about this for a second, at the range it’s quiet and no one is trying to hurt you. But in a real-life situation, it will be the opposite and practice makes perfect. My advice is for you to visit the range at least every six months or once a year.

Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women
Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women

Alright then, let’s talk more about your handguns. Personally, for women, I recommend the Glock 23 and Glock 26. These are sufficient to be concealed weapons and have plenty of stopping power. Both are compact weapons with a shorter barrel with minimum weight. The Glock 23 weighs approximately 21.16 ounces and the Glock 26 weighs about 21.17 ounces. Both have less recoil and each has a (10) 9mm caliber round capacity magazine.

Safety Of Handguns

As far as safety, all Glocks have no manual safety mechanism but consist of three internal safeties that assist in preventing accidental discharge. But remember, guns don’t shoot themselves we do. Both can be used as a concealed carry handgun and can be placed inside a purse or larger pocket. Although, both weapons should be kept inside a holster for additional safety precautions.

And on a more serious note. Please keep all firearms and handguns away from children. If at home, lock your handguns in a locked gun safe or locked pistol box. Believe me, if there is an intrusion of your home by a suspect there will be ample time to unlock your small pistol safe. We love our children and don’t want them to find and play with handguns.

Carrying A Concealed Handgun

This is a topic that Police Officers deal with on a daily bases. People want to know can they carry them in their glove compartment, center console, on the front seat or on their person. So let me explain this in plain English. Check with your state laws and statutes. Believe it or not, this varies from state to state.

In some states, you can leave your handgun loaded or unloaded in the glove compartment and center console without having a valid permit. Yet, in other states, the magazine must not be loaded in the handgun in the glove compartment nor the center console or it can be construed as carrying a concealed weapon.

Whereas, women that carry a handgun in their purse and men that conceal a handgun on their person, it is considered carrying a concealed weapon and you do need a valid permit. This is non-negotiable and a conviction can result in a fine, a few days in jail and up to (5) years in jail. Therefore, follow your state laws!

However, if you’re just keeping your handgun at home for emergencies, then you need to purchase a pistol safe with a combination lock. And this is non-negotiable, in order to keep handguns away from all children for safety reasons.

In addition, as far as open carry, again check with your state laws. Open carry means carrying a firearm in public in plain view. Most states allow a person to carry a loaded handgun on in their side holster and some do not. For example, in New York City it is not allowed. So please do not try this in N.Y.C.

Final Notes

Last but not least, if you have a firearm in your vehicle and is stopped by the Police please tell them as soon as the Officer approaches the window. This is for the safety of you and your passengers. Do not attempt to remove the handgun from the glove compartment or center console. Follow the Officer’s instructions and keep your hands visible.

Also, if you have a valid permit keep it with you at all times. Trust me, Officers know that the majority of people are law-abiding citizens and just want some form of protection. But on the other hand, Officers know that criminals are not going to tell them about a firearm in the vehicle, therefore the Officers must act accordingly to their State law and policies of their Police Departments.

In conclusion, I want to thank all of you, especially women, for reading my article on the best-concealed carry handguns for women.

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Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women

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