Best Home Fire Extinguishers 2020

Best Home Fire Extiguisher 2020

Safety and helping people has always been my top priority and that’s why I want to discuss the best home fire extinguishers 2020. I have assisted in many fire investigations during my career as a Police Detective and Medical Examiner Forensic Science Investigator. These fires destroyed property, lives, and leave a devastating blow to families … Read more

Best Prices For Gun Safes

Best Price for gun safes

As we move further into this content we will be discussing the best prices for gun safes.  But prior to reading this entire article, take the time to read my about page. There you will find my credentials and see that I’ve been around firearms all of my adult life. But as we all know … Read more

Why High Blood Pressure Is Known As The Silent Killer

Check your blood pressure

Before I retired, I worked for many years as a Medical Examiner Forensic Investigator. These investigators conduct death investigations on the scene by examining the body, collecting and documenting the evidence for pathology doctors. A large portion of these investigations includes unusual natural deaths and suspicious deaths that most often result in an autopsy.

An unusual natural death is someone who collapsed suddenly and dies as a result of their medical history. And a suspicious death is

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Suicide Warning Signs Adults

Suicide warning signs adults

Before I started to write on this subject, I hesitated for several days because it brought back photographic memories of suicide cases that I’ve tried to suppress for several years. Yet, I felt the need to share my insights of suicide warning signs adults.

With over (25) years, of law enforcement experience, I’ve investigated or assisted in over a thousand death investigations. A lot of these investigations took place

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Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women

I was in law enforcement for over 25 years and worked in different divisions and specialized units. I retired four years ago and took a break from anything that reminded me of policing. But don’t get me wrong, the career was exciting, dangerous and rewarding all at the same time.

Nevertheless, one of the things that were very important to the Police Department was

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Pros and Cons of Owning Rental Property-Find Out Now!

Pros and Cons Of Owning Rental Houses

Several years ago, I was a licensed real estate agent but after investing and selling multiple real estate properties, I lost my passion for the business due to the stress of being a landlord. So I placed my state license inactive and haven’t returned to the field.

However, I do know what people are thinking when it comes to purchasing real estate. I know you’re surfing the internet

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Understanding Police Culture:

police, police car, dangerous job,

I’ve spent over twenty-five years in the field of law enforcement and I found it to be a close family type of organization. When one Police Department mourns the loss of an Officer so does the other agencies around the country. This type of police culture is similar to that of the military. I know some people say it’s a thin blue line and that is true. However, that thin blue line metaphor can

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