Best Prices For Gun Safes

As we move further into this content we will be discussing the best prices for gun safes.  But prior to reading this entire article, take the time to read my about page. There you will find my credentials and see that I’ve been around firearms all of my adult life.

But as we all know there are many types of gun safes for firearms, however, I am only going to discuss the most well-known such as handguns, rifles, and shotguns. These types of firearms are mostly owned by private citizens and hunters. And private citizens use handguns mainly for their own safety and hunters use shotguns and rifles for recreational hunting of specific animals during hunting season.

Child Safety

Throughout the years we purchase these firearms and we bring them home around our families. Then people show them off to their neighbors and friends and feel very proud to have that sense of protection. But in reality, your home just became more dangerous for your children and visiting family members.

Therefore, we must remind ourselves that safety is the number one priority for our children and we must keep firearms away from them at all times. And by the time you finish reading this short article, you should be getting the best prices for gun safes for your firearms.

And yes, the firearms cost you a lot of money but preventing your firearm from falling into the wrong hands is crucial and if a child gets hurt due to negligence then this is unforgiving to a parent. We as adults are responsible and will be held accountable in the court of law. That being said, purchasing a gun safe is vital to the safety of your children and any other child. Because let’s face it, once a child sees a firearm in the home he or she is just waiting for the right time to physically hold it in their hands.

And we all know children, so just hiding a firearm in a dresser drawer, desk, cabinet, garage, vehicle or closet is not enough because children will search and find it when you’re not at home. This is what they do when the adults are away, they search for things in the home even after being told not to do so. Think about it when your children were babies and you told them not to stick their fingers in the electrical outlet. Did they listen? Yeah, sure they listened, but did they obey? Probably not, so that’s why you bought safety outlet covers.

Best Gun Safes

With that said, we are going to discuss some best prices for gun safes and their benefits of keeping your firearms locked and secured and away from children. These safes have electronic push button locks and quick access in case of emergency. This will provide your family with a level of comfort when away from your residence.

During our research, we found companies that sell gun safes at reasonable prices and usually the manufacture’s brand name determined the increase or decrease in price. But that’s like anything else you purchase, a well-known bigger brand may have higher prices versus a smaller brand name.

But prior to purchasing one of these gun safes, you have to ask yourself several questions. For example, do you want it to be compact to hide in a desk drawer or nightstand? Do you want a manual lock with a key or wireless keypad with a four-digit lock code? Do you want one large enough for two handguns? Are you going to attach the gun safe underneath a desk or cabinet? Do you want the color black or pink if you buy it for a female? And Yes, they do come in pink and they call it a Limited Edition.

These are just some questions that you should think about when getting the best prices gun safes. We found that most of the gun safes are made of different variations of gauge steel and have rugged designs. Some even had LED interior lightning, mounting brackets and interior foam lining on the top and bottom of the safes. The best price gun safes for handguns were determined to be anywhere from $149.99 to $500 dollars. Once again, it depends on the manufacture and of course, the gun cabinets for the shotguns and rifles were a bit more expensive, but I found a more affordable option for you.

Rifles and Shotguns Cabinets

These best price gun cabinets are much larger than a pistol safe and are standalone safes. So the main things to think about when choosing these are the types of devices are the locking mechanisms, size, price, exterior/interior design, and is it going to bolt down in a locked room such as a utility closet. They all have a bypass lock but this would require a burglar to have special skills and knowledge in picking mechanical locks or hacking digital locked keypads. So depending on the manufacture some of these shotgun cabinets can range between $149 to $999 dollars. And if you have no budget restraints, you can purchase a more decorated gun cabinet for a thousand dollars.

However, there is one strong point I do want to mention, I do not recommend getting a shotgun safe with a glass front. I know they are pretty and look superior and decorative, but the fact of the matter is, this is not practicing good gun safety precautions if children live in the home. Because if a child can see firearms from the outside of a gun cabinet this will create many temptations and they may smash the glass to physically touch these dangerous weapons.

Gun Safes Quality and Features

The gun safes made by Fort Knox and V-line are some top of the line options and may cost a little more than others but according to their reviews, they are reliable and heavy-duty safes. But to be fair, there are more affordable options such as Browning and Vaultek.

Product Name: Fort Knox -PB1 Pistol Safe

Purchase Place: and
Purchase Price: $249.99 @
Review: 5 Stars rating
Product Features: This safe works well in a control access box in any office drawer or bedside table.
•Rugged designed
•10 gauge steel body and 3/16 wrap around door
•Combination button keypad
•Weighs 22 lbs.

Product Name: V-line Slide-Away Under Counter Quick Access Pistol Safe
Purchase Place: and
Purchase Price: $ 299.00 @
Review: 5-star rating
Product Features: This heavy-duty security case is rugged with black powder coating. The pullout drawer is large enough to hold an IPad tablet or (2) firearms with room for extra magazines. And it comes standard with mounting brackets. This model is currently on sale for $299 and retail at $324 dollars.
•12 gauge steel
•Optional half size and oversized pullout drawer (cost extra)
•Can be mounted underneath a countertop or desktop
•Simple mechanical push button locks

Product Name: V-line Compact pistol safe
Purchase Price: $149.99 @
Purchase Place: and
Review: 5-star rating
Product Features: This is the perfect safe for those who desire quick access in case of an emergency. It has an easy simplex push five-button mechanical lock. Therefore, there are no keys to lose or batteries to change. This model is currently on sale for $149 and retail at $169 dollars at This model even comes in the color Pink Limited Edition at $189.00 dollars.
•Semi-gloss powder-coated
•3/8 thick steel
•Interior foam lining on top and bottom
•Simplex push (5) button mechanical lock

Product Name: Browning PV500 Pistol Vault
Purchase Place: and
Purchase Price: $145.99 @ (ON SALE NOW)
Review: 5-star rating
Product Features: This is one of the most convenient storage solutions on the market. It has upgraded features and unbelievable prices for quality and design. Also, if the battery goes out it still can be accessed using a unique 4-sided key.
This model is on sale for $145.99 and retail at $229 dollars at
• Black Textured
• Interior with foam
• Weighs 29 lbs
• LED interior lighting
• Spring-assisted lid
• Four-button electronic keypad with power supply backup

Product Name: ‘Stack On GCB -8RTA Ready To assemble Gun Cabinet – 8 Guns
Purchase Place: and
Purchase Price: $149 @

Review: 4.5 stars

Product Features: This gun cabinet holds (8) rifles or shotguns. The unit is easy to be assembled with integrated form-fitting parts that fasted together. It has predrilled mounting holes in the bottom and back of the cabinet for easy attachment to the floor or wall. This unit is by far the most affordable considering other gun cabinets will cost hundreds of dollars more.
•Black epoxy finish
•Steel shelves provide for more storage and are removal
•Standard 3-point locking system and key coded lock for extra security
•A California DOJ Firearm Safety Device


As you can see, gun safes have minor different features. However, I would highly recommend the Browning PV500 pistol vault or the V-line Compact pistol safe. They are fairly priced but the Browning has the interior LED lighting feature. The Shotgun/Rifle cabinet has great reviews and is the most economical unless you want to spend several hundred dollars more for an assembled gun cabinet.

The return policy for is (30) days and policy is also (30) days. Except for custom made gun cabinets. These are nonreturnable.

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Best Prices For Gun Safes

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